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RP Looking for New Members (Logan, Spencer, Han, and MORE needed!)

This role playing group is looking for many new members, particularly a new Logan, Spencer, Han, Clark, and others!! We have many other spots available too!!! 

If you are a fan of CP Coulter’s fanfiction “Dalton” and looking to get into a fun, easy RP…than this is the group for you!!!

If you would like to join us, leave us a message in our ask box before you make an account. The message in the ask box should contain: Your name, The name of the character you would like to play, Your time zone, How often you would be signing on, Your preferred Dalton and Glee ships (more specifically for the character you want to play), Who you want your character to most interact with.

It’s as simple as that! No paragraph example needed, just enthusiasm and a little bit of time and effort!!!

*Also, feel free to talk to the current RP members (linked on our main page) about what ships they like, to see if you’d be good as a new RP partner!

The italic crossed out ones are reserved, and the plain letters are open characters. The STAR’d names represent roles we would really love to fill!

Available Roles:



















Or anyone else I might have forgotten about, such as Dobry girls OR Something Damaged cast members, just ask!

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    Seriously thinking of RP Han….cause I am Han basically or at least I am totally in love with Han!
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    If you RP as a Han and are down with Tweedles/Han, I will give you my firstborn child.
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    Coem join us, we have a lot of fun. I play Blaine :D
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